Jackie Meyer

I have been working as a qualified & accredited Therapist for 15 years, I offer a safe place where confidentiality is agreed, my values are offering a non-judgemental attitude, being honest and caring. This develops trust, which enables the therapeutic relationship to build and enables you to explore issues on a deep level. Through exploring issues, reflecting and eventually letting go, you are able to set new goals and build a better quality of life. This can be an empowering experience and help build your self esteem and confidence and access your power within, this starts the process of believing in self, "Self belief is everything”

I am easy to talk to and a good listener, by exploring your issues which could be learnt behaviour from the past that may cause you depression? (we can't change the past), or issues creating anxiety?, (fear of the unknown) new tools can be learnt to manage your behaviour and way of thinking enhancing your self awareness. Exploring together change and choice.

If you need support and are struggling with an issue, counselling could be for you? It's a strength to reach out, you are the expert of yourself and you have the answers within, by exploring together, new coping mechanism are learned. Give counselling a try and see if it's for you? You have nothing to lose but everything to gain, empower yourself.